Friday, January 3, 2014

Easy Ferris Wheel Craft

Awhile back the kids learned about the World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago and our focus was on the First Ferris Wheel. We did a fun and easy craft. We made a Ferris Wheel.

I found a few ideas off of Pinterest. Then I adapted the craft off of what I had available at home.


2 paper plates
6 Skewers or short dowel rods. 5 at 16" and 1 at 30". Yours doesn't have to be exact measurments.
Egg carton
Duct tape or hot glue gun
Markers or crayons
Scissors or a knife

First, I cut the egg carton to have tabs on each one so I can attach them to the skewers. This is also when I had the kids decorate the plates and egg carton.
Next, I cut the top of my egg carton in half. This is going to be the base of your Ferris Wheel.
I used Skewer because I knew I cut break them in half with my hands and trim it up with scissors. I found these in my local grocery store for $3.00. I also like that it had a point on one side to poke through the plate.

I put one hole in the center of both plates. Then, I poked five holes with my knife evenly apart on one plate. This is where I cheated with the points as I was able to penetrate the other plate with the skewers.
 I used duct tape to keep the skewers in. You could use a hot glue gun to make it look cleaner. I was more interested in having the kids get an idea of how the Ferris Wheel worked with the shaft and such. My kids are younger and I wanted them to attach as much as possible.
 The kids then attached the egg carton to the skewers on the outside with duct tape. I was kinda hoping the so called chairs would spin more and maybe be operate more like the chairs on an actually Ferris Wheel. I'm sure there is a way to make that happen. I just didn't put much thought into it.
Homeschool Craft
Then came the fun part. What is a Ferris Wheel if it doesn't spin? Bug tested it out and give it her approval of a fun craft that works.
 See she has a smile on her face. Mom felt pretty cool!
Even my hardest one to impress was trilled that it worked. 

Have fun creating adventures in your homeschool with fun and easy crafts.

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