Monday, May 8, 2017

Blogging through the Alphabet – Letter P

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Letter P is for Play.

Sometimes we as homeschool moms just need to let our kids play. Let our kids go outside and play or maybe just play inside. You know free play nothing organized or structured! 

This is something I struggled with for a few years. Not that I have anything wrong with play time during school hours it’s just that I have a daughter with special needs and when I let her go play it was a huge struggle getting back into school. We would spend the next hour trying to get her focused to continue with school. For several years I wouldn’t let her out of my site until school was done. It was just too stressful and discouraging for me. 

Then my son was ready to be homeschooled. Let’s just say that he needed to get out of the classroom to play. He came back to the table refreshed and ready to go. I couldn’t let him go play and not her. 

So I let both kids go play. If it’s a nice day they want to go outside and play in our yard. There are times that we go to a playground. The kids are still learning while playing. They are using their imagination, running, jumping, and laughing. Let them get dirty and sometimes even wet! Sometimes they both want to just go play Lego's or create some other adventure inside the house. That’s a good thing also.

My daughter still has a hard time getting back into school. Some days are worst than other days. We also have days now that it isn’t a problem getting back into our schedule. 

The older my kids get the more they want to get up earlier and finish their school up as soon as they can. There are days that they don’t want to go play but, get school done faster. That way they can have the afternoon to play. I still encourage my kids to go and play during school hours.   

Unfortunately, I hear some moms who think the kids doing PE, sports, field trips, or even classes outside of the home are sufficient play time for their kids. I don’t agree as those are structured activities. Not that those activities are bad. Sometimes we just need to let kids use their own imagination and be kids. Sometimes I go outside and play with them!

I know some parents who are afraid to let their kids go outside and play during school hours. If that is the case you can still let your kids go play.

In our small town we can hear the schools during recess time and we actually live several blocks away from the school. I had fond memories of recess time during my school days. My kids are building fond memories of their play time during school hours. 

I think in the long run your kids will be healthier and appreciate the time that they get to be kids and just play.

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